ProxNet Standard Reader
Biometric Scanner - Facial Recognition & Fingerprint

ProxNet Standard Reader

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640-30 Self-contained ProxNet Reader

All readers/interfaces on the system are capable of making intelligent access decisions and logging transactions even if temporarily disconnected from the controller. The use of non-volatile memory in the reader/interface ensures that no loss
of data will be experienced during a power failure. Individual strike and release times are programmable for each reader/interface. If a reader/interface is disconnected from the controller an alarm will be activated at the controller. Each reader/interface is capable of storing 2500 transactions in non-volatile memory in the event of controller failure. Readers have an internal buzzer with distinctive cadence to distinguish between access granted and access denied.

The 640-30 series of readers have a relay with voltage free contacts (rated at 3A). These relays are suitable for operating magnetic locks, solenoid locks, booms and gate motors. A door sense input is provided to determine the state of the door
(open or closed) and to invoke an alarm should the door be left open or forced open. The reader/interface has an exit push button connection. The 640-30 readers are fitted with an internal tamper switch which can be wired to the reader’s alarm input or to a third party's alarm panel. The reader size is 120 L x 54 W x 38 D mm and the readers are available in colours black and grey.

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