ProxNet Software

ProxNet Software

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ProxNet Windows Software
The optional ProxNet software adds many features to the system and making it easier to administer the system.
All system parameters are programmable from the PC including adding, editing and deleting of card holders, access levels, time zones, readers, areas, alarms, counters, and door schedules.
The Card Holders screen can also store an image of the employee which can also be used with the optional 640-95 Photo Capture and Display software programs. 
Some of the special features of the software are detailed below
Card validity and suspension
Cards can be programmed to be valid only between two specified dates. The system also allows cards to be suspended but remain on the system so that unlawful use of the card can be quickly detected.
Anti-Pass back
ProxNet support both full and timed anti-pass back. The controller keeps track of the card holder’s current location to prevent two people from sharing a card. This feature can be limited to a select group of users and applied to all or selected readers.
In the event of loss of communication between readers and controller, the system can be configured to deny access or allow access without anti-pass. Once communication is restored, ProxNet automatically grants one free movement to the cards that were affected thus allowing the system to automatically re-establish correct APB status.The timed Anti-Pass back period is programmable in 1 minute increments up to 255 minutes.
Access Levels
Each cardholder can be assigned to one of 64 access levels. The access level determines which areas and at what times the cardholder is entitled to enter the premises. Access levels can be linked to up to 8 time zones.
Time Zones
ProxNet caters for 8 time zones. Each time zone specifies a start and end time as well as on which days of the week these shall apply. An eighth time zone is an override time zone disabling all other 7 time zones and is controlled by an optional switch input on the controller.
Door Schedules
Door schedules are an added feature of the software and allow the user to define periods where door state is ‘LOCK’ (no access allowed), KEEP OPEN (door permanently open) or NORMAL (normal access control). Door schedules require the PC to on-line at all times as they are functions performed by the PC and not by the controller.
Double Tag / Fingerprint support added to Reader configuration
This feature requires 2 different tags / fingerprints to be read at the same reader within a set time for the door to be opened. This is useful in high security areas where access to an area has to be authorized by another person.
ProxNet provides a number of reports with a very powerful report filter to help extract relevant data. The following are a sample of some of the reports:
Card Holders
Card holder details can be produced in either a detailed or summary report as shown below.

Transactions By Time
This report lists transactions in Date and Time order database based on the selected search parameters.

Absenteeism Report

This report searches the transaction database to find days on which no transaction for the selected range of card holders can be found. These days are then shown in the report with the letter ‘A’. If the option to exclude Saturdays and Sundays is selected, these days are shown with a grayed-out ‘A’ as in the report

Attendance Report

This report searches the transaction database to find days on which a transaction for the selected range of card holders is found. These are days are shown with the letter ‘P’ in the report.
First & Last Transaction Report
This report searches the transaction database to find the first and last access transaction for the day and prints it in an easily read format as shown below.
Other reports include:
  • A list of card holders in a particular area at a specified point in time.
  • A list of card holders who were in an area between two points in time.
  • A log of access denied transactions, reader based alarms, and system alarms.
  • A list of current card holder counter values.
  • A printout of all card holders, system parameters, access levels, time zones, areas, readers and door schedules.

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