ProxNet Controller
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ProxNet Controller

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ProxNet Controller

The ProxNet System is controlled by a single controller. This controller can optionally be connected to a computer and all readers and alarm monitor units via a single RS-485 network. The controller supports up to 254 devices such as proximity readers, interfaces and alarm monitoring units. Controller and readers operate on a 12 Volt DC supply with battery back-up to ensure continued operation in the event of a power failure.

The controller has a 16-character display and 12-digit keypad. Programming from the controller is secured by a 2 level password. An alarm relay is provided at the controller. The ability to release any door from the controller is provided for.
The use of non-volatile memory in the controller ensures that no loss of data will be experienced during a power failure.
The controller is capable of recording the last 5900 events in non-volatile memory in the event of computer failure.
A parallel printer can be connected to the controller for printing real time transactions, current system settings, current reader status, and card holder activity reports.


The controller and each reader support an alarm input, which is able to monitor emergency exits, room temperature level sensors, passive infra-red detectors, panic buttons, etc. In the event of an alarm condition the controller is notified and the alarm relay located within the controller is activated. A push button connected to the controller is used to reset alarms.


In the event of an emergency ProxNet makes it possible to open all doors by operating a single switch connected to the controller. When operation is returned to normal, one free movement for each card is granted to allow anti-pass back
functionality to be restored automatically

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