ZKTeco D4330 33 Zone Security Walk Through Metal Detector

  • R 58,710.00

ZKTeco D4430 33 Zone Walk Through Metal Detectors, a high performance metal detector, designed to meet the requirements of prisons, corporate & industrial applications


  • 33 Detection Zones
  • 7" LCD HD Display Interface
  • Remote Control
  • Simple Installation 
  • Excellent anti-interference ability.
  • Each Zone has 300 adjustable sensitivity levels
  • High accuracy and verification speed.
  • Robust Washable Panels
  • Stainless steel screen bracket with adjustable viewing angles.
  • Screen has adjustable back light.
  • Accurate detection of weapons and contraband, while filtering out watches, coins, buttons and other harmless items.
  • Harmless to human body, pacemakers, pregnant women & magnetic recording material
  • Precision passenger counting and alarm counting.
  • Alarm intensity indicator.
  • Real time display.
  • Password protected.
  • Optional Items: Battery backup, wheels & weather cover available.


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