TimeMaster for Windows Clocking System

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Are you looking for support on your GSC Systmes TimeMaster Clocking Software? Did you know that TimeMaster is compatible with ZKTeco biometric scanners?

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TimeMaster Clocking System for Windows is a comprehensive Time & Attendance package suitable for small to large businesses.

  • Access to the TimeMaster software is controlled by password profiles that can limit certain holders to only certain functions.
  • TimeMaster interfaces to all major payroll systems.
  • TimeMaster accommodates different religious holiday groups.
  • Weekly, monthly and customized pay periods can be accommodated by TimeMaster for Windows.
  • Manual editing is possible in your ‘Modify Clocking Records’ function where clockings can be added and deleted, absenteeism can be rectified with corresponding absent reasons. There is also a global function for adding clocking events, short time etc.
  • The number of shifts and rates that can be loaded on this system is limitless. Rotational patterns of up to 2 years can be added onto the system. There is an auto detect function that enables the system to automatically detect which shifts to assign to clocking records per day.
  • Customized filters can be set up by operators containing up to six filter conditions.
  • A group edit function in the employee screen enables you to group- edit fields for certain filters or group-edit all employees.
  • TimeMaster is equipped with a number of export functions to interface to payroll systems or other software.
  • TimeMaster has a full audit trail reporting function.


  • Mismatched Clockings: This report will alert the system operator of any day that has only one clocking. This normally happens when employees forget to clock out or in. 
  • Absenteeism: The absenteeism report will show all employees that are absent on compulsory shifts according to a date range set by the operator. 
  • Who’s Absent Today: All employees that hasn’t clocked for that specific day will show on this list regardless of shift. 
  • Who’ Present Today: This is a roll call list that will include employees that has clocked for that day. 
  • Tardiness Report: All employees that came late for their shift or left early will be shown on this report. Time lost will be shown per person and a grand total will be displayed.
  • Unscheduled Breaks: This report will show employees’ clockings that clocked outside of assigned break times.
  • Detailed Time Summary: This is a very detailed report showing clockings, the shift assigned per day, daily totals at the different rates, weekly totals and pay period totals.
  • Rate / Overtime Summary: Certain rates or rates with a factor higher than 1 can be viewed in this report per person. 
  • Pay Period Summary: This report contains a summary, per employee, of rates and hours accumulated during his / her pay period. This report will show the exact hours that will be exported to the payroll system.
  • All above mentioned reports can be display by filter and / or date range and can be sorted by departments and cost centers.


  • History Reports: All above mentioned reports can be viewed in the History Reports that will enable the system operator to draw a profile for management purposes over an extended time. No unpacking of archives etc. is needed for this function.

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